Recensie: Fire Spell

13616039Auteur: Laura Amy Schlitz
Titel: Fire Spell
Genre: Jeugd, YA, Historische fictie
Taal: Engels
Jaar: 2012
ISBN: 9781408826218
Aantal pagina’s: 
Gelezen: Juli 2018

Clara disappears on her birthday. Exceptionally wealthy and exceptionally lonely, she requested that a puppeteer and his two orphan helpers stage a spellbinding show for her in the vast empty house. But then the curtains close and darkness falls. . . .

The puppeteer, Grisini, kidnaps Clara and uses his sinister powers to imprison her body and mind in the form of a marionette. His two young assistants realise what has happened, and all three children find themselves caught up in a terrible struggle for supernatural eminence between Grisini and a dying witch of extraordinary power.
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