Recensie: The little Paris patisserie

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Auteur: Julie Caplin
Titel: The little Paris Patisserie
Serie: Romantic escapades #3 (maar afzonderlijk te lezen)
Genre: Romance novel, chicklit
Taal: Engels
Jaar: 2018
ISBN: 9780008259785
Aantal pagina’s: 448
Gelezen: Oktober 2021

As the youngest of four, Nina Hadley has always had her big brothers telling her what to do. So, when she’s given the chance to move to Paris and help run a patisserie course, she can’t say au revoir quick enough!

There’s just one problem: high-flying chef Sebastian Finlay is the owner of the patisserie. He’s also her brother Nick’s best friend – and the man she has secretly been in love with since forever.

Amongst the mouth-wateringly delicious eclairs and delicate macaroons, Nina’s culinary creations aren’t the only tempting thing she’s working with…

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