Recensie: Watership down

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Auteur: Richard Adams
Titel: Watership down
Genre: Literatuur, classic
Taal: Engels
Jaar: 1972
ISBN: 9780241953235
Aantal pagina’s: 475
Gelezen: Augustus 2020

Watership Down is one of the most beloved novels of our time. Sandleford Warren is in danger. Hazel’s younger brother Fiver is convinced that a great evil is about to befall the land, but no one will listen. And why would they when it is Spring and the grass is fat and succulent? So together Hazel and Fiver and a few other brave rabbits secretly leave behind the safety and strictures of the warren and hop tentatively out into a vast and strange world. Chased by their former friends, hunted by dogs and foxes, avoiding farms and other human threats, but making new friends, Hazel and his fellow rabbits dream of a new life in the emerald embrace of Watership Down…

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