Review: Reveries of the solitary walker


Auteur: Jean – Jacques Rousseau
Titel: Reveries of the solitary walker
Genre: Literatuur
Taal: Engels:
Jaar: 1782
ISBN: 0140443630
Aantal bladzijden
: 155

In the two years before his death in 1778, Jean-Jacques Rousseau composed the ten meditations of Reveries of the Solitary Walker. Combining philosophical argument with amusing anecdotes and lyrical descriptive passages, they record the great French writer’s sense of isolation and alienation from a world which he felt had rejected his work. As he wanders around Paris, gazing at plants and day-dreaming, Rousseau looks back over his life in order to justify his actions and to elaborate on his ideal of a well-structured society fit for the noble and solitary natural man.
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