Review: Bête

AuteuIMG_5683r: Adam Roberts
Titel: Bête
Genre: Literatuur, dystopie, lichte science fiction
Taal: Engels
Jaar: 2015
ISBN: 9780575127685
Aantal bladzijden: 311
Gelezen: 15 – 16 mei

It began when Animal Rights activists inserted AI chips in the brains of animals. The plan was to give animals speech. After all if an animals can talk we are bound to treat them more like us.

A creature that can argue the case for its own intelligence, its own rights is a much harder creature to use, to kill. Surely?

But where does artificial intelligence end and the animal begin. And with speech and self-awareness did the animals also gain a soul? And would we choose to believe them if they told us they had?
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